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Second Sight Sorcerer Origin

This is an excerpt from The Wicked, an upcoming monograph about hedge magic and all things witchy and warlocky, full of toil and trouble. This preview includes a new sorcerer origin for your enjoyment:

Woodcut illustration of witches with cauldron.

Cooking witches illustration is public domain via Wikipedia.

Second Sight

Ages ago your ancestors bred with... something else. Perhaps one of the fey, or perhaps something more infernal. Though this lineage is much watered, you still retain an important gift: the Second Sight.

You have the innate ability to perceive things others cannot, seeing beyond the veil or glimpsing the threads of fate. This insight gives you access to terrible powers and profound divinations.

Sorcerer Level Feature
1st Divination Magic, Witch's Eye
6th Fate Immunity, Weave Fate
14th Improved Clairvoyance
Divination Magic

At 1st level you gain the ability to perceive the strands of fate. When your Spellcasting feature lets you learn or replace a sorcerer cantrip or a sorcerer spell of 1st level or higher, you can choose the new spell from the divination spell list or the sorcerer spell list. You must otherwise obey all the restrictions for selecting the spell, and it becomes a sorcerer spell for you.

You also gain proficiency in a divination tool of your choice (see the divination tool variant equipment item below). When you use this divination tool you double your proficiency bonus. You may also use a divination tool you are proficient with as a spellcasting focus for your sorcerer spells.

Witch's Eye

You learn detect magic. It doesn’t count against your number of sorcerer spells known and you can cast it as a bonus action without requiring verbal or somatic components.

Fate Immunity

At 6th level, you can use your powers to defend against the whims of fate. You can spend 2 sorcery points to gain resistance to one of the following damage types for 1 hour: bludgeoning, slashing, piercing or poison damage.

Weave Fate

At 6th level, you learn to weave the strands of fate. You learn bestow curse. It doesn’t count against your number of sorcerer spells.

Improved Clairvoyance

At 14th level you learn clairvoyance if you do not know it already. It doesn’t count against your number of sorcerer spells and you can cast it as a ritual.

You may cast and concentrate on one other divination spell while concentrating on clairvoyance. You can cast this spell through your invisible sensor, as though you were physically at its location.

Additionally, as an action you can float the invisible sensor created by the spell in any direction, at a speed of 30 feet. There is no limit to how far away from you the eye can move, but it can't enter another plane of existence. A solid barrier blocks the eye's movement, but the eye can pass through an opening as small as 1 inch in diameter.

Variant: Divination Tool

Cost: 2gp
Weight: -

A divination tool is a mystical item that can offer supernatural insights. While having a tool doesn't give a user direct access to divination magic, it can heighten your perception and give you access to knowledge you wouldn't normally have.

A divination tool could be a set of gem-inlaid sticks, rolling dragon bones, ornate cards or a crystal ball. When you pick this tool as a proficiency you only gain proficiency for one type of divination tool.
A compelling performance with a set of divination tools can improve you ability convince superstitious creatures you have some foresight of their possible future.
Consulting a divination tool can aid in the finding of missing or hidden items.
Minor Divination.
You can substitute your divination tool proficiency for any Intelligence (Arcana or History) or Wisdom (Insight) check if you spend 10 minutes consulting with your divination tools. Instead of making the skill check, make a Wisdom check with your divination tool proficiency bonus.
Divination Tool
Activity DC
Gain insight into a subject's personality. 15
Consult the fates to uncover a piece of occult knowledge. 18