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Grubby Fantasy - The Grim

The Grim Cover

It's out! My latest monograph, on the theme of grubby fantasy.

With The Grim, players now have some new options for running non-heroic characters. Characters with their feet firmly stuck in the gutter. Oblivious to the stars above.

Uh, quick explainer: grubby fantasy was a term first coined by the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay design team. All the way back in the 80s.

Grubby fantasy never caught on, as a term, but it's relevant to a distinctly British style of play that I love. It's not gritty, so much as wretched. It's not dark, so much as farcical. It's low fantasy, but for losers. A type of genre only a gloomy Brit could come up with. You know, grubby.

The Grim aims to support grubbiness with some low-life occupations (like the ne'er-do-well gambler) and some new equipment items of dubious utility. I also added some rules for making the good stuff harder to get hold of (including the new item tag, 'Illegal').

Finally, I've added some new goods and services that allow characters to do without healing magic in a pinch. Like remedies for diseases, or prosthetics for lingering injuries (one of my favourite, variant rules from the DMG).

It also has an amusing, 16th century woodcut of some random guy puking up.

If it sounds like something you'd be into, you can buy it here:

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