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The Forbidden Encounter Die

We make our own monsters, then fear them for what they show us about ourselves. The Unwritten, Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

Since Forbidden Lands became my go-to system, I've been unable to resist the urge to homebrew. I promised myself that I wouldn't, but here we are. We make our own monsters. The monster in question? Random encounter tables that aren't tied to the Forbidden Lands setting. Because, of course, I'm running my own setting. (I really like to make my own monsters.)

The d66 Encounter Die

Himeon leaned in to poke the fire, casually grabbing his bow in the process.
Something watches us and hungers, he said. Forbidden Lands Gamemaster's Guide, from Fria Ligan AB

I'm going to be doing this by adapting Necropraxis' famous encounter die mechanic. (I've always wanted to play around with this.) Now, some of the encounter types are already covered by the Forbidden Lands journey rules, specifically the mishap tables:

  • The LEADING THE WAY mishaps table already covers Setbacks, Fatigue and Expiration.
  • Expiration and Advantage are also covered by the resource rules and other journey activities.
  • Some mishaps would be better suited as Environment encounters (you wouldn't get a downpour in the middle of a desert, for example).
  • I feel like mishap tables should only include problems the characters might create for themselves: Fatigue (including Sprained Ankle and Torn Clothes) and exploration setbacks (including Lost and Blocked Terrain).
  • Random encounters should include colour, such as rainbows, orchards, warm days, etc. That's fun.
  • Percept is covered by KEEP WATCH and therefore redundant.

Given the above, we can adapt the Forbidden Lands d66 table format to approximate an overloaded encounter roll, which will be divided into 6 ranges with the following categories:

d66 Encounter Table Template
d66 Encounter Category
11-36 None/Flavour/Advantage (good weather, bounty, colour)
41-46 Encounter (monsters, NPCs, recurring characters)
51-56 Hazard or Environment (blizzards, landslides, floods, downpours, fog, forest fires)
61-65 Location
66 Adjacent region encounter


Recategorising some mishaps as encounters means we'll have to strip out some of the journey rule mishaps. The modified mishap tables are as follows:

LEADING THE WAY mishaps table
1d6 Mishap
1-2 Blocked Terrain
3-4 Lost
5 Minor Injury (result 25–26 in the table for blunt trauma, FLPH pg. 197)
6 Torn Clothes
FORAGING mishaps table
1d6 Mishap
1-2 Poisonous
3-4 Minor Injury (result 25–26 in the table for blunt trauma, FLPH pg. 197)
5-6 Torn Clothes
Northern Measure panorama

Desert Cedars, New Mexico, 1920 by George Elbert Burr.

The Northern Measure

The Northern Measure is a land of choking dust and sharp winds, echoing the chaos of the Grey Waste far to the west. Once verdant, it was destroyed by the Devastation of Inroth, its only inhabitants are faded ghosts, the grey skinned dust-folk and what wildlife that can cling to life.

Northern Measure Random Encounters
d66 Encounter
11-31 None
32-36 Ghost settlement
41 Zone 1 NPCs
42 Perfidious Bastard starlings
43 Dust folk
44 Scolosi
45 Dust wight
46 Starving scavengers
51 Dust storm
52 Circling buzzards
53 Landslide (FLPH pg. 148)
54 Quicksand (FLPH pg. 148)
55 The Withering Inrothian Curse
56 Scorching heat
61 Hustmere
62 The Pauper’s Palace
63 Balfort
64 The Hust
65 The Palsied Tower
66 Adjacent region random encounter


Try not make your own monsters.

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