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Fairy Creatures

This is a new monster template for sidekicks I've been working on as part of my forthcoming monograph, The Fey. This book will include new fey-based subclasses, spells, races and monsters for low-fantasy campaigns.

Legends are full of encounters with magical woodland animals that can speak and think. Families of mice collecting berries for jam, cats in boots and singing toads. The idea seems whimsical, but these fairy creatures have their own agendas and any who encounter them should be on guard against their fey trickery.

Fairy Creature Template

A fairy creature is any Tiny beast enchanted by fey magic to speak.

Retained characteristics.
The fairy creature retains its Armor Class, Constitution, skills, senses, vulnerabilities, resistances, immunities, special traits and actions.
The fairy creature's size is small, and it loses any tags.
The fairy creature's type is fey, and it loses any tags.
The fairy creature is chaotic neutral.
Hit Points.
The fairy creature gets 2d6 plus its Constitution modifier).
The fairy creature gains an additional 10ft to its speeds, except for flight.
Ability scores.
The fairy creatures' ability scores change as follows: Dex 14 (+2), Int 13 (+1), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 15 (+2). Additionally, the fairy creature gains a +9 increase to its Str.
Saving Throws.
The fairy creature is proficient in one saving throw: Con, Dex or Wis.
The fairy creature gains the following skills: Deception +4 and Persuasion +4.
The fairy creature gains the following languages: Common and Sylvan.
The fairy creature's challenge rating becomes 1.
The fairy creature gains innate spellcasting. Its spellcasting ability is Charisma, its spell save is 12, its spell attack bonus is +4 and it does not require material components to cast its spells. It gains the ability to cast the following at will: minor illusion and speak with small beasts. It can also cast one of the following spells once per day: entangle, fairie fire, forget, goodberry or sleep.
New Action: Invisibility.
The fairy creature gains the Invisibility action as described in the sprite stat block.

The fairy creature's damage die becomes 1d6 for any existing attacks, including ability score modifiers (Strength or Dexterity, whichever is highest). If the fairy creature has no other means of dealing damage, it can also attack using a dagger or staff.


Fairy creature sidekick (1st level spellcaster)

Rossible is a dapper little frog with a haughty nature and love of all things shiny.

Prankster (Personality).
No need to be so sour gulp it was just a jape! And a jolly funny one at that!
Caprice (Ideal).
I am neither one thing, gulp nor another. (Chaotic)
Reynard's Debt (Bond).
I must redeem myself with that scoundrel, Reynard the Fox, to end this pestilent exile.
Iron Curse (Flaw).
Pffshaw, its iron! I cannot touch it.
Fey Creature Illustration