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My new Dungeon Master's Guild monograph is available now. The Grim introduces grubby options for low-fantasy campaigns. Includes many new rules, backgrounds and tools.

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The Eldritch Released!

The Eldritch Cover

My new monograph, The Eldritch. This gorgeous 12 page monograph introduces five new backgrounds and variant rules for low-fantasy characters.

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The new backgrounds are:

  • The Auspicious. You were born under a mystic sign, a rare and auspicious circumstance, giving you a gift for magic.
  • The Cursed. To put it simply, you have been cursed by powerful magic. Perhaps you did something to deserve it. Maybe you were a victim of circumstances. Whatever the reason, you are now a pariah.
  • The Gift Bearer. You carry a gift that bestows magical powers. You might be a young thief who inherited a magical box, or a hedge knight who found a legendary sword.
  • The Immortal. You are one of the rare immortals, perhaps the only one (you know of). You are vulnerable to mortal harm but do not age and have lived centuries.
  • The Occultist. You are part of a hidden conspiracy that has access to forgotten magics and a mysterious purpose. In exchange for swearing oaths of loyalty and secrecy you have received mystical knowledge, thought long lost.

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